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Yes, we're also holding a Virtual Mastermind!

After the live event is over, we'll also be running a special "virtual" mastermind group composed of LogTech startup founders interested to grow their business across Asia.

By joining the mastermind, you will be taking your business or project to the next level, joining a community of like-minded professionals, and gaining access to reinforcement and support that will turbocharge the success of your company.

This will be a very intense virtual event with only 6-10 attendees in each group. Each participant will come away with brand new insights about their business from other founders' perspective.

- If you like the idea of spending time with other enthusiastic, growth-oriented founders and working "on" your business rather than "in" your business...
- If you appreciate the benefits of stepping away and bonding with other founders in a highly productive environment,
- If you see the value of getting another pair of eyes on your business to find new ways to grow and expand.

By taking part in the mastermind, you will focus on breaking through current limitations or struggles in your "own business", while forging relationships with other highly successful founders who have walked or are currently walking in your shoes.

Mastermind Group Benefits

Mutual Support & Feedback. Participants can be your best source of advice, answers, and ideas. They can offer unique and relevant perspectives on where you should take your business and what next steps will likely get you there. You will learn from others who have encountered similar challenges and get feedback on your ideas/projects/materials, large and small.

Collaboration & Networking. The Mastermind allows you to collaborate on actual projects as well as ideas. The more you expand your network, the more doors open up for you. Members will possess plenty of technical knowledge, success strategies and tactics to share.

Access to Resources and Tools to Help You Succeed. As part of your participation fee, you will have access to GSCC's exclusive list of tools and resources, including our research library, Chain.NET network and GSCC LinkedIn group.

Accountability. Over the years, we have realized that our most successful participants are those who have a support system in place to keep them accountable. The regularly scheduled coaching calls can help you continue advancing towards your goals. Your mastermind group can help you develop action plans and keep you on target as you progress.

The Mastermind Group is comprised of three support areas:

- Participation in monthly Q&A coaching conference Zoom calls with the host and all the participants.

- Access to a private interactive group on Chain.NET where you can post questions and get feedback from the host and the other participants.

- Direct connections to your peers to create one or more mini-mastermind groups for an even more intimate support team.

Mastermind Session Format

Mastermind sessions are 90-120 min calls on Zoom and members can submit questions ahead of time using the group discussion.

First, each participant will be given 5 minutes to share the specific details behind something that is working really well in their business. Even though we are all successful, there are always strategies that are being employed that you may have no idea about.

Second, each participant will participate in a "hot seat" where the other members of the group will give specific feedback and suggestions for how you can break through your current challenge.

You will come away with new insights, clarity, and relationships with the other attendees - all of whom are going through, or have gone through, the challenges you are experiencing.

You will have a new group of friends on your speed dial who you can depend on to help you as you grow your business in Asia.

How to Apply

To apply to be a member of the mastermind group, please click here to submit an application!
Participation Fee: US$ 699 for 3 months and the group can be renewed.

After we review your applications, we will be in touch with you to set up a time for further discussion. We want to know what you hope to get out of the mastermind, where you are in your business and whether this mastermind will be a good fit for you.